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Organisation - Background information

ICOMOS - International Symposium

Cultural Heritage
Astronomical Observatories (around 1900)
From Classical Astronomy to Modern Astrophysics

14./15.-17. October 2008

organized by
Gudrun Wolfschmidt

Bergedorf Map - Registration - Abstracts - Booklet of AbstractsPDF

Advice to speakers

Hotels in Hamburg - Restaurants in Hamburg

Public Transportation (HVV) in Hamburg - HVV Timetable - Hamburg Tourist - Weather in Hamburg


Map of Hamburg-Bergedorf

(Archiv Hamburg-Bergedorf)

You arrive at the railway station by S-Bahn (green S),
then 300m to the Hotel Ramada via Bergedorfer Strasse
and Vierlandenstrasse to Holzhude 2 (about 5 minutes walk).
You find the Rathaus Bergedorf (No. 7) Wentdorfer Strasse 38,
and 100m to the north the Haus im Park, Gräpelweg 8.


Registration and Conference Fee

  • If you like to participate, please register for attending the symposium until August 1, 2008, if you want to be in the list of participants and if you like to pay the fee for early registration.

  • If you give a lecture, please register already until July 1, 2008.

  • Late registration is possible until September 30, 2008.
  • You can also participate without announcing before and pay the fee just when you are there, but it is very convinient for our planning to know the number of participants before.

Here is the registration form available:
Please e-mail it to me
or fax it to our Institute for History of Science:
Fax: +49 40-42838-5260


ICOMOS - Cultural Heritage
October 14-17, 2008

Registrant Profile

Title ...
First Name ...
Last Name ...
University/Institution ...
Institute/Department ...
Address ...
Post code and City ...
Country ...
Phone Number ...
Fax Number ...
Email Address ...
Please just copy these lines in an e-mail.

Conference fee

  • Registration - until October 5, 2008:
    for guests 20 € (10 € for students)
The conference fee is payable when you arrive at the registration desk;
it includes the registration (name badge) and conference materials,
bus transfers, coffee breaks and receptions.
You need your name badges for the coffee breaks and receptions.

List of participants

List of participants

Deadline for Abstracts

Please send an - English - abstract of about 1000 characters by July 1, 2008,

The abstracts will be available online ( PDFBooklet of Abstracts)
and as a booklet during the meeting.

Advice to speakers - Information for your Lecture

  • TIME
    Please note that you will each have a total of 30 minutes.
    We recommend that you allot maximum 20 to 25 minutes for your presentation and 10 to 5 minutes for discussion.

    There will be a digital projector (Beamer) and laptop computer with WinXP and PowerPoint in all lecture rooms. If you need a 35mm slide projector or an overhead projector or anything else, please let us know as soon as possible.

    Speaker services will be available at registration. Please copy your PowerPoint presentation to a CD ROM or USB memory stick, and bring this with you to Registration. Someone will be available to copy your talk to our computer so that you will be ready-to-go at your session.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me.

Hotels in Hamburg-Bergedorf

Here you find a list of hotels in Hamburg-Bergedorf near the Conference Site
with a limited Contingent of special prices for Conference Participants:

Hotels in Hamburg

(if you like to stay longer in the city)
Dammtorpalais (marked as a red dot)

Guests arriving per train reach the hotels in Dammtorpalais
on foot within 5 minutes from Dammtor Railway Station;
the hotel is just behind the university main building (with the dome).

Restaurants in Hamburg

Public Transportation (HVV) in Hamburg

  • Link: Public Transportation in Hamburg (HVV) Timetable:
    A normal ticket 1.65 Euro
    A ticket from the airport to Bergedorf 2.60 Euro
    A daily ticket (Tageskarte) 6.00 Euro,
    daily ticket if you start after 9h a.m. only 5.10 Euro
    A ticket for 3 days 15.00 Euros.

  • How to get from the Airport to Bergedorf Bahnhof (Bergedorf railway station):
    Arriving at the airport,
    you take HVV bus number 110 to Ohlsdorf (directly in front of the airport),
    there you have to change to the underground S 1 or S 11 (S-Bahn) -
    direction Wedel or Blankenese - until stop Berliner Tor -
    there you change to S 21 until the stop Bergedorf railway station.
    The price is 2.60 Euro (the transport needs just one hour).

Hamburg Tourist

Proceedings of the Symposium

Proceedings of the Symposium will be published.

The deadline for submitting an article (a printable version of your paper including images) is already December 1, 2008.

The language of the article should be English.
Here are some more details: you can write about 15 to 20 standard pages (60 characters per line times 30 lines = 1800 characters/page) and about 3 to 6 figures (I really would like to have at least one figure for each article). You can also ask me if you want to write more or less pages.

You can send a LaTeX file or a WinWord file (send it as RTF and please use practically no formatting and please use no hyphenation).
The images must be sent in separate files not included in the Word-File.
Images should have printing resolution of about 300dpi.
I need a caption and a source for each image.

Please use short references in the footnotes like ,,Mayer 1999, p. 34-56.'' and give the detailed reference in the bibliography at the end.
I give an example for the bibliography:
LastName, firstName: Title of the book. City: Publisher Year. (Book)
LastName, firstName: Title of the article. In: Journal Vol (Year), p. from-to. (article in a journal).

I would very much appreciate if everyone would contribute to the book.

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